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parenthood spend taxpayer dollars after in texas planned parenthood settled for $4.1 million, these federal fraud charges over how it administers medicaid. given the fact that there they are already under investigation for fraudulent billing and so forth, why the heck are we giving them a half a million dollars for obama care navigation? >> because, laura, the fact of the matter is, planned parenthood someone of the most trusted providers of healthcare in this country. every single year they provide healthcare to over 3 million women, half of them don't have insurance. 90% of the care that they provide is preventative care, wellness exams, pap smears, pelvic exams, that help save thens of thousands of women's lives likely per year. the fact that we are using plan the parenthood which women know to ensure that millions of american women get access to the healthcare and health insurance they deserve makes perfect sense. it's probably one of the best uses of taxpayer dollars to ensure that this slaw properly administered and people get advantage -- get take advantage of the healthcare benefits
presbyterian university standing by him and exemplifying redemption and forgiveness. this is the state of texas where it's very hard to overcome a preponderance. you have to overcome by a preponderance of the evidence showing insanity. 12 men found him not guilty by reason of insanity 45 plus years ago. who are we to second-judge a jury of his piers and the law in the state of texas. i don't quite understand all the hysteria over. this all i do i do acknowledge it was a horrific crime. >> dr. walsh, trying to put myself in the position of the parents and university and how they feel. as far as i can tell, he has had exemplary life. medication, turned his life around, became a ph.d. like you two gals. he gets his ph.d. >> exactly. >> laura: this is a wild, wild set of facts. and the fact that it's just coming out now is pretty amazing. >> yeah, i'm a little concerned about who did the outing. and while i have great compassion by this man and i'm proud of what he did to turn his life around. mental health is not a perfect science. you know, we can't suddenly say it will never happen again because
, that he had used performance enhancing drugs as a member of the texas rangers when it was not banned. he said since then he has not. >> bill: talking points does not know what alex rodriguez did or did not do. but after the lance armstrong debacle. it is safe to assume that some very powerful american least cheat and again that's unacceptable because american business are paying them an incredible amount of money. and they have a right to expect honest behavior. bottom line on the story is that mr. rodriguez will probably be suspended although major league baseball might cut back the amount of time. but it is an awful situation being played out in front of the nation. and by the way, as somebody who was once a pitcher. throwing a baseball at another player is a serious thing. dempster should not have done it. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from north carolina, bernard goldberg n addition doing on factor. is a lifelong yankee fan. what about this? >> well, first of all, major league baseball has every right to expect that its players won't cheat.
the underlying issue what they're doing with abortion but the financial malfeasance. we have instances in texas, in washington state, in new york, fraudulent billing, improper dispensation of drug, other false claimsing at settlements, so they don't want to admit wrongdoing so they settle for $4.3 million in texas. >> yeah. you're absolutely right, and this is really just the tip of the iceberg of what's going on and what's going on across the country in planned parenthood clinics. this abuse of taxpayer dollars. really what's truly astonishing if you think about it, this is a global billion-dollar corporation, and there's not another global billion-dollar corporation that would get away with this, that would have this kind of abuse, known abuse inside it, and it wouldn't be, you know, the front page story for weeks at "the new york times" or have occupy wall street making a huge deal about it. so what my question is why is the abortion industry, why is the nation's -- >> special treatment. >> exactly. why are they getting a pass? i don't understand. >> no, no. kellie this is a sackry sankt rig
's not necessarily true. in texas, they have you know, you can carry and it's fairly easy to acquire a gun legally. but houston is -- you know, it's a dangerous place because you have got a lot of that what we were talking about. the neighborhoods that are out-of-control. that's where all the crime begins. do you believe stop and frisk, colmes, is racial profiling? >> the way they do it in new york is i'm not against stop and frisk and neither is the court. the court way it's being implemented in new york in newark where they're every month putting on line who is being stopped. racial -- what race they are and complete transparency that's the way to do it. and civil libertarians. >> bill: have an officer who stops somebody do what? >> write down how are stopping. write down the race of the people stopping. write down the reason. articulable suspension. >> bill: yont object to that do you object to that. >> if there is is the time and opportunity to do that. >> no, make the time. they have to make the time. >> one part of this policy that nobody is talking about which is the question part. which ge
with jesse watters. one from arkansas. the other from ohio. and the third from texas. roll the tape. ♪ ♪ what does that stand for? >> it's just a nickname i got the first time i was in college. >> how did you get it. >> let's just say i used to be unpredictable. >> cannon, i just turned 17. i'm from sugarland, texas. >> drew malik. >> in northeast ohio. >> i deployed april 1st, 2012. in kandahar province. >> we shipped off to iraq october of 2007. >> deployed in the better part of 2010 and then i was injured in may of 2012 i was with second infran tri out of fort lewis. >> when you sustained your injuries. >> december 29th we were going back to the base to do vehicle maintenance. somebody stopped our convoy and said they saw somebody drop a roadside bomb at this check point. i stood up and the bullet went straight through my neck and out the back it hit my c 6 c 7 vertebrae i'm paralyzed from the neck down. >> mission was to go into a town and set up a little base there. there is a thing that seemed out of place. i found the ied and it went off. i was staring right at it. i knew what it was.
,000 syrians were hurt by the gas and more than 300 killed. joining us from austin, texas, fox news analyst karl rove. if you were a.b. advising president obama tonight as did you with president bush years ago. what would you suggest you do? >> well, the administration faces five big questions. the first and most important question is: do you act or not act. the president two years ago said asass -- president assad needed to go, he didn't act. a year ago, he said the red line would be the use of chemical weapons on the anniversary of that statement, the syrians use chemical weapons. the first question is act or not act. i think you have to act. >> bill: and he will act. he has to. >> then the question gets to be do you do more or do you do less? i worry about us only have four destroyers in the eastern mediterranean. it's one thing to launch tomahawk crews missiles from those destroyers. i think the administration needs to do more rather than less. they do two little and the syrians and yawnians say we used poison gas and we got away with a slap on the wrist. i would lien towards doing mor
. created jobs. someone like rick perry who did a great job in texas. wasn't a great candidate last time but he will be a better candidate next time. >> laura: and thoughts about someone like a scott walker. is he kind of under stated guy. not a big bragardt. something like a walker maybe too early like susanna martinez and taking on the old liberal lions in their state and grace and strength and courage thrown in. >> scott walker's story is amazing story of turn around in wisconsin against all odds. he was smeared and slimed. and he pulled rabbits out of hats all over the place. >> laura: i love. >> it he doesn't have the hollywood component that you might like to see in your candidate to tell the god's honest truth. he certainly has a great record running up. on the republican side we tend to be adults and go for the adult -- a lot of this is show biz. >> laura: need a little show biz in the candidates. that's what you are saying. we need shomanship. >> i want a strong candidate that draws the contrast. we had a great hollywood president i had the privilege out there. there is no ronal
in texas. eboni, the unfriendliest cities. newark, new haven, when they say unfriendly, do they mean the most likely to get shot? >> i know. that's a bit scary. los angeles is on that list, too. i'm a los angeles transplant. i've been here three years and it did take some getting used to. i don't think they were the most welcoming to outsiders at first. i got the sense that you sort of needed to be vetted in the west versus in the south. no vetting necessary. we just welcome you with open arms. >> i have the benefit of having lived in albany for a couple years. albany, new york, is right there and i have to confess, you wouldn't exactly think of people in albany as being warm and inviting and necessarily friendly. there might be some merit to this list. >> there's not a lot to do in albany. people talk about the weather. it is not about the weather. oakland has amazing weather. the best way to see oakland is from a telescope. perhaps oregon or maybe the space station. any way, a new survey about living to 120 and-on. americans' views on aging. the pugh research center poll found most
vacation homes in walker's point, kennebunkport, maine, president bush 43 had the ranch in texas and of course, ronald reagan had his ranch in san ysidro, california. all isolated places. easily controlleand they owned. the democrats for some reason didn't own their own places so they come here and they rent them. >> how much is president obama paying for rent? how much is he paying for rent? >> well, i don't know how much he's paying. but the place is awful nice. $7 million. he did not come here in fact, last year. last year was the campaign of course. everybody teased him about not going on vacation in a campaign year. >> what i'm trying to say -- they never say how much they pay in rent. it is probably $2 or $3. you know what the game is. here's the problem. when the president goes to martha's vineyard, he takes a humongous amount of guys and gals with him. everybody goes. it is party time. >> especially this year know mr. obama is living in a community in a house that not as large and not on nearly as large a piece of property as was the place that he stayed in the first thre
worth, texas who the pakistanis would like it to see released. that's very unlikely. so, in essence, all likelihood remain where he is. >> cannot put enough heat on pakistan to get this guy out. i would buy him out if i could. i mean, there has got to be somebody we can bribe there. >> well, the other opportunity is to withhold funds and that's what senator rand paul of kentucky, the republican has tried to do. he has introduced legislation into withholding our aid to pakistan. that's gone nowhere either. >> bill: you can't do that? >> this is a physician by who published reports helped us secure a location for usama bin laden and also d.n.a. samples and for which he was paid something like $55,000, which was nine times his annual salary. >> bill: all right. we hope the guy gets out. kerry could probably get him out but money would have to exchange hands. that's for sure. all right, gentlemen, thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. study says some americans would save their dogs rather than another human being if both were in morality danger, could that be p
ordeal began. you drive down with a friend to brownsville, texas check in with the u.s. authorities. what do you tell the u.s. people? >> we told them we have got this hunting shotgun, and we're trying to go through mexico legally what do we have to do? they gave us paper work to fill ourt. said you know if you declare it with this paper work you should be fine. we paid a fee, we crossed the border. and... declared the weapon and after that, things started going wrong. >> bill: you go to the mexican side, you show them american paper work, they immediately owe do what do you? >> it took them a while to talk to superiors to figure out what they're going to do but once the certain superior that made the decision i was going to go to jail came through, they started doing paper work. they didn't let us know we're going jail. they made it sound like we're going to go to a place and faye pai a fee. so they took us downtown we stayed there for four days. my friend got out. i stayed in. and then, i ended up in prison. >> bill: what happened when you walked moo the prison? >> initially there is so
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 53 (some duplicates have been removed)